Paddle Sports

A super safe way for the whole family to get out on the water. Paddle sports can be on the sea or the river and you can sit down or stand up! These are run by Mountbatten Water Sports Centre.


We’re passionate about kayaking and have some of the finest coastal paddling in the country right outside our front door! Easy access to the sheltered River Plym, the historic Plymouth Barbican and the picturesque Plymouth Sound make the Mount Batten an ideal venue to kayak from.

We’ve got a wide range of kayaking craft suitable for novices to experts. For those starting off in the sport we use sit-on-top kayaks which do not require a spray deck and are very easy to use – if you fall out of the kayak it’s a very simple process of just jumping straight back on again! We’ve got both single and double sit-on-tops so you can kayak with a friend too. For intermediate and advanced kayakers we have a range of general purpose and white water spec kayaks for venturing further afield and kayaking on Devon’s white water rivers, and a small selection of sea kayaks for exploring Plymouth Sound and the surrounding coastal estuaries.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Never heard of it? Well Stand Up Paddle boarding is the worlds fastest growing water sport and is a great way to get fit and see the beauty of the south west coast! It’s a kind of cross between surfing, windsurfing and canoeing – you stand up on a big board and use a single paddle to propel yourself along. It’s an excellent workout for the core and really great fun. Come on, give it a go!


Canoeing is different from kayaking, because of er, well the paddle is different! While the technique and equipment is a bit different the benefits are the same. Being out in a canoe is as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health, while you’re using your muscles and getting your heart going, you’re also releasing loads of happy chemicals to help soothe your brain. You’ll also get a chance to get much more up close and personal with wildlife, gliding along in a canoe. It can be as gentle or extreme as you like and again is suitable for the whole family.