Have you ever imagined the tranquility of being in a sail boat, the waves quietly lapping against the hull, the sails flapping gently in the breeze? Or the excitement of crewing a boat out in open water, navigating the wind and waves? Well, now is your chance!

Hosted by Plymouth youth sailing out of the Mountbatten centre, Making Waves Together has opportunities for all the whole family to learn how to crew and sail a boat.


Start in a ‘fun boat’ – the beautiful colorful sail boats shown on the header of this website. These boats are very beginner friendly sail, have only one sail and controlled by one ripe. They are steered with a tiller, and can have one man or two crew. Younger children can crew these with their parents. You’ll learn to sail these boats in the catte water; a protected area just outside water sports section of the bay. If there’s no wind, RIB’s can tow you into Jenny cliff bay, great spot for beginner sailers. Once you’re more confident you can head out into Plymouth Sound, or change out of a fun boat and move into a different class of Dinghie altogether. This is likely to be Topper, a slightly more technically challenging boat.

Over the 6 week programme you’ll learn the basics of rigging your own Dinghies, as well as putting up sheets, ropes. You’ll also be taught the basics of sailing; such as learning techniques to read the wind, set your sails, learn about tides.


Keelboats are really a big Dinghie or a small yacht, and will provide a much ‘drier’ experience. We tend to use these a lot for younger children. Keelboats have two sails, a main and a job, can go further and go faster. They allow you to have expeditions around the Sound, even over to Mount Edgecombe. Keelboats have two sails and can take up to 6 people, so you can do sail together as a family,. If you’re more nervous this is probably the experience for you. People love sailing for a wide range of reasons. Being on the sea is good for mind and body, and will some people like the peace, some like the adrenaline! You can choose how you want to enjoy this amazing sport.