The Lynher River Barge

As part of Making Waves Together we are thrilled to offer you a totally unique experience – a residential aboard the restored Tamar sailing barge, ‘Lyhner’. The barge is an impressive 52’ long, so there’s plenty of space for communal living, and she also carries an array of water sports equipment.

The 3 day residential will give your family a chance to spend time together in the fresh air, learning about crewing this amazing ship, and benefiting from the beautiful part of the world we live in. The residential voyage includes amazing experiences such as:

  • Moving the barge under engine and sail.
  • Taking part in water sport activities like paddle boarding, dinghy sailing and rowing.
  • Foraging, fishing, preparing and cooking fresh local produce.
  • Exploring unspoilt riverbanks and orienteering.
  • Sleeping in hammocks.
  • Exploring the Plymouth waterways and its outstanding natural setting.
  • Learning about local maritime heritage.
  • Learning how to tie knots, coil ropes, hoist sails and other seamanship

All safety equipment is provided on board. The Captain will brief the families and arrange and distribute roles. Food that is not foraged is sourced from local producers, the galley is well equipped and families will take turn at cooking and running the barge together in a shipshape fashion with the support and guidance of the crew.

For more information about the barge and its incredible history, please go to